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    Leadership Versus Managers: Differences

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    Differences between leaders and managers. The art of leadership.

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    The word leadership has a variety of meanings.

    Leadership is known as the art of influencing others. This is an important trait of the manager. Leadership is an exercise of influencing the people in a group context. There are three ways available for a person if he wants to be leader: (1) a person can lead people through his natural personality traits; (2) due to some crisis or event, the person can build extraordinary leadership qualities in him; or (3) people can learn leadership skills, to be an effective leader. Leaders are "great" people encompassing courage and power, but leadership also depends on where, and in what situations, they hold that power.

    Social exchange is an important and distinguished feature of effective leadership. There is an exchange relationship between leaders and followers. Furthermore, giving something to the followers and getting something from the followers is an important characteristic of an effective leader. With this type of social exchange or transactional approach, leadership enables the leader to trade the benefits between him and the followers. Leadership is not an individual or group phenomenon; instead, it is a social perception.

    Leadership consists of guiding people in the right direction towards ...

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