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    Explanation of core values and core values in action

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    Why might an organization really need core values? How might you really see core values "in action?"

    Please list references

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    Below are suggested steps to complete this assignment. Included are links to websites that you can use for additional information and references.

    Step 1: Define core values (business)

    You may wish to elaborate on your own or use any of the following examples of core values as an introduction to your response:

    1. Worthwhile traits or qualities that represent what a person (employee, manager, et al) considers most important or their highest priority.

    2. A company's established standards for how it functions, "decision making, problem solving, and customer service." (http://www.buzzle.com/articles/core-values-of-a-company.html).

    3. "The set of basic moral beliefs that is the foundation of your business." (http://www.hvacrbusiness.com/issue/article/158/the_road_to_success_starts_with_defining_core_values.aspx)

    4. What a person believes deep inside that drives their ...

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    This 488-word solution provides four definitions of the term "core values" along with examples of core values. The solution provides suggestions for answering the questions "Why might an organization really need core values?" and "How might you really see core values in action?" with examples and web addresses for in-text citations and references.