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    Aging and the workforce

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    Find an article from an established business magazine (The Economist, Business Week, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, etc.) and discuss the article.
    1. write a 250-word summary of the article. What was it about? Who were the key characters? Is it a global story or a local story? Things like that.
    2.. Write a 300-word discussion of the article and the issues that are presented in it. The following questions can help you to drive the discussion.

    What was interesting about the article?
    Why did you choose it?
    How does it relate to business?
    What kind of image does the article paint about the company? Is it flattering? Is it critical?
    Does it talk about corporate social responsibility?
    Is the article informational?
    Does it use graphics and charts to help the reader understand the points that it is making?
    If so, is it effective?
    What did you learn from the article and did it change your opinion?

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    I have provided you a lot of information to choose from in writing your assignment. This is not a turn in ready assignment but requires you to read the information and then add what you know about entrepreneurial issues and needs. You should add a policy outline you feel will work within the information and why you think this is the direction that should be taken and within what country or group.

    A billion shades of grey. (2014) The Economist. 411:8884, 13.
    The article is written as a warning to governments that with the aging of populations around the world, the government policies and company policies dealing with them must change. The article states the older worker is now likely to be the well educated, skilled worker, over the age of 60. Less educated, low skill workers retire earlier, while these more educated people work for much longer. This is in part because the labor of the unskilled is more difficult. In the West this trend is apparent, but in places like China, where half of the people between the ages of 50 and 64 have only completed part of an elementary school education will have ...

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    An article review from the Economist about the aging population and workforce changes needed.