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Project management charts: Japanese auto manufacturer

A small Japanese auto manufacturer has just developed the first true hydrogen car. The prototype car, which runs on standard tap water (extracting the hydrogen for fuel and then releasing the oxygen vapor through the exhaust) has been tested extensively and passed every test (performance, safety, and emissions) with flying colors.

The company estimates that the first year's models will cost approximately $32,000 for a car in the class (comfort-wise) of an entry level Accord. Although free advertising from the media, doting on the discovery, has vastly simplified many marketing aspects, the company (which specializes in limited edition, high-end luxury vehicles) is not equipped for mass production; they have hired us to oversee preparations for large scale production (in excess of 2 million cars per year) and distribution.

Help with generating applicable charts (Gantt, CPM, PERT) for this project based on the information above.

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