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Discuss a failed attempt at marketing for a global tire manufacturer

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This vignette describes a failed attempt at marketing and the use of operations management data for a global tire manufacturer.

United States-based engineers for a global tire manufacturer performed extensive tests on a new tire that the company wished to introduce to a European market. The test results were not informed about either the economic circumstances or the consumer preferences in the target market country.

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The 432 word solution fully explains how the failure occurred and then summarizes the reasons it did fail. Included is an example of a success with similar issues.

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Engineers had submitted the new radial tires to a battery of tests, with the test conditions skewed toward magnifying the negative aspects of the radial tires. R&D knew that management was not too keen on spending money to develop this new product and in order to give management what they wanted--a rather intellectually dishonest approach--R&D continually emphasized the poor ride characteristics of the radial tires. American consumers wanted their tires to ride softly above everything else. R&D, used to the American preferences, minimized or ignored the product characteristics valued by Europeans. The Europeans liked the sharp, crisp handling; the resistance to wear ...

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