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    conceiving to success of the business - methodology

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    Write a research paper on a strategic management related topic

    ? The research paper should be type written 1.5 line-spaced using 12 size font times new roman.
    ? The research paper should contain the following section:

    1. Abstract
    2. Literature Review
    3. Research Aims and Objectives (Just three and they should come from the topic.
    4. Research Methodology
    5. Discussion (the topic analysis)
    6. Conclusion (see if you achieve the aims and objectives of the research)
    7. References

    ? Recommended readings

    1. Thomas,L., Wheelen, J. & Dacid, H. (2002). Strategic management and business policy. 11th Edition. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.
    2. Michael, A., Hitt, R., Duane, I., Robert E. H. (2003). Strategic management, Competitiveness and globalization with infortrac. 5th Edition. CA: southwestern.
    3. Arthur. A., Thompson, J., & Strickland III, A.J. (1999) Strategic management. 11th Edition. New York: McGraw Hill.

    ? Journals
    1. Strategic Management Journal
    2. Long Range Planning

    The most important point is to write the research by your own words. Please supply references.

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    I am doing it from the start up-point based on the experiences of a successful millionaire conjoining with re-reading the MBA level text books on the subject matter.

    Abstract, aims and objectives: In the present study an attempt has been made in the application of theories of strategic management in the start up and development of small to medium to large scale enterprises by entrepreneurs in giving shape to their dreams. Methodology adopted: 1) Dream, conceptualization of a business entity; 2) Practical experiences of the entrepreneurs; 3) Translating the dream into a reality; 4) Organizational development, need of 5) Growth and Expansion; 6)

    Introduction of Management systems
    *A related news item: (for your reference only, being latest news item as case study; do not consider it part of the solution)
    Darden School of Business in association, Virginia in association with Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and Canadian Ivy School of Business will try to decipher "the secret recipe and success story of the Indian Premier League (IPL) organizers of the 'Twenty 20' cricket matches' at their Centre for Case Development (CCD).

    IPL is a good innovation story. The three business schools will study how a 100 plus - year game was reinvented to serve perfect combination of sport and entertainment.
    The various facets of study:-

    i) The T20 format;
    ii) Revenue model;
    iii) The hype and hoopla surrounding the event;
    iv) The game of cricket and its entertainment value;
    v) The opportunities IPL has created and
    vi) The difficulties it faced during the 2nd season event when it was shifted to South Africa during the general elections in India.

    The study will involve interviewing the top honcho Mr.Lalit Modi, collecting information about the cricket and IPL. Study is expected to reveal subject matters which may result in separate "Case Studies". (Based on Business Times, Times of India, November.)


    In the present study an attempt has been made in the application of theories of strategic management in the start up and development of small to medium to large scale enterprises by entrepreneurs in giving shape to their dreams. These entrepreneurs do not have any background of the Business Management and yet they formulate policies, conceive objectives, plan the system and make their enterprise a success. In fact their actions achievements success becomes case study of students of Business Management.

    A business's strategy consists of:

    Coordination of i) plan of action; ii) resources to be employed in the process; iii) in order to attain the vision set iv) along with the objectives set on the long term basis.

    These four points will act as charters for the managers at all the levels within the frame work of which they have to endeavor for the success of the business by paying maximum attention to resources to be utilized, what how when and from where they are to be obtained, and above all how the scarce four factors of production to be utilized in the best interest of the business.

    The objective and rationale of the charter should be funneled right from the top to floor level employees in most comprehensible terms without any ambiguity. Every employee must know what and how they have to perform their duties. What is expected from them and related timely rewards for their efforts.

    "It is a good policy to reward a worker for his best performance before his sweat dries up".
    It keeps the moral of the employees high, earns their loyalty, and gives them pride for working for the firm. There could be no better way to boost the employees' motivation. You get what you sow.

    Dream, conceptualization of a business entity:

    Unless an entrepreneur dreams, no business can be started up. All the big enterprises in the world ...

    Solution Summary

    You conceptualize a business project and then embark on an adventurous journey of translating your dream into a reality. You conceive various methodologies to ensure that your strategies of implementation of your ideas do not fail. You strive your level best to make your enterprise a success.

    Strategic management is not an exact science like physics providing a definite result. It is a scheme of various ideas which you call strategies. Strategies have the nack of failing also. You have to avoid the pitfalls which lead to their failure. You learn from others, search in a number of institutions, discuss with friends in the line, seek guidance from the successful businessmen who are reaping the fruits of their hard work, imagination, drive and above all the spirit of enterprise and adventure.