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Command And Control Mechanism for Operational Feedback

I need to write about a fictional company my team has created that is looking to import Blue Jeans into Ecuador. Or possibly manufacturing them there as well.

My section is as follows: "Examine operational feedback and command/control mechanisms for your global venture. Include a suggested organizational chart."

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(The primary objective of control mechanism here is that Blue Jeans manufactured/imported from other countries is as per market requirement and the whole business is economically profitable. The return is better than industry norm and Industry has growth prospects are the other criteria which have to be in % terms and is to be reviewed every six months.) Following can be broad organization chart:

II Level Heads of Marketing Imports Manufacturing Market Intelligence HR Finance
III Level Below the above Heads following functional in-charge will be there:
Departments of Marketing: Forecasting, Sales
Departments of Imports: Purchase, Logistics, Quality Checking, Inventory
Departments of Manufacturing: Line In-charge, Maintenance, Quality, Purchase, Facilities & Logistics
Departments of Finance: Accounting & Compliance, Investment for future

(There will be six months forecast that has to be monitored against the actual sales, marketing feedback from sales staff compiled monthly on basis of daily feedback.)

Market Intelligence:
(The work of Market Intelligence is keeping track of fashion trends as per fashion forecasts of well-known magazines, fashion shows and prominent persons/ organization of Industry. This will be compiled ...