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Effectiveness in healthcare can occur with both transformational and transactional leadership styles

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Effectiveness in healthcare can occur with both transformational and transactional leadership styles. Why would a leader prefer to use a transformational style instead of a transactional style?

Provide two example decision scenarios, one better suited to transactional leadership, and the other pointing to a better outcome through using a transformational style

Explain the anticipated results using each approach and why, given the circumstances of your example, one style works better than another in each setting

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The effectiveness in healthcare which can occur with both transformational and transactional leadership styles is determined.

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Transactional Leadership:

The transactional leader will provide a clear framework for what is required of the employees. He will provide rewards or punishment for following orders. Punishments are not always stated, but they are clearly understood by subordinates. In the beginning, a contract will be made between the leader and employee. A salary and benefit package is agreed upon and the company maintains authority over the employee. Once work has been given to the employee they are responsible for completing the task appropriately. If errors are made, the employee is to blame and is punished. A reward will be given if completed successfully and met the expectation.


A transactional leader will offer reward or ...

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