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    XML Technology

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    Need help finding the information on the following problems:

    Find two examples of XML technology being used by corporations today.
    Can you explain the advantages gained from using XML?
    How could those solutions improve their business processes?
    How could the solution grow in the future?

    Write a short explanation of each solution and answer the three questions above for each example you provide.

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    - Auto-manufacturers are finding that XML based services are a more flexible and cost effective mechanism to connect dealer networks.

    -Financial services institutions are expanding their market reach by reducing the costs of integrating their services with employers' portals - growing total revenues while improving
    their margins.

    - Loyalty companies are enabling real-time "points-based" ecommerce
    to increase the value of loyalty programs and increase revenues.

    The instantaneous, open application integration promised by XML services offers organizations the potential to respond rapidly to new business opportunities. The business benefits of connecting and automating mutual processes are clear. XML services technology advances make that goal easier to achieve than ever before. Direct connections to mission-critical functions improve business responsiveness and results,

    Data Exchange - the lingua franca of information interchange
    XML is a way of describing data. An XML file can contain the data too, as in a database. It is a simplified subset of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). Its primary purpose is to facilitate the sharing of data across different systems, particularly systems connected via the Internet.

    XML is not only useful for describing new document formats for the Web but is also suitable for describing structured data, i.e. information that is typically contained in spreadsheets, program configuration files, and ...