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    Viewing the Ted video, "Why Privacy Matters"

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    After viewing the Ted video, "Why Privacy Matters", develop a 500 word posting where you articulate your individual concerns regarding the privacy issues discussed in the video. Do you agree with the presenters analysis? What personal concerns do you have about your individual privacy on the Internet? Do you believe that it is possible that we could arrive at a tipping point on this issue that might significantly change e-commerce business models? What have been your individual strategies for dealing with privacy ?

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    //The subject matter of privacy is gaining importance in the world of e-commerce. Privacy is required by all the human beings. In this context, the various privacy issues and the ways of handling them are explained below. //

    The privacy issues being discussed in the video are in relation to knowing the importance of privacy and the kind of people requiring privacy. According to my views, there is a great importance of privacy in the life of human beings. Privacy is considered as a basic right provided to the human beings. The availability of privacy, in excess, is not a good signal and, at the same time, very less privacy is also not good. Privacy is required in the life of the human beings for the purpose of deciding on important ...

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