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    Office interaction

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    1- Select one scene or relationship interaction and describe it carefully (Dwight and Micheal). You will want to say who the people are, a brief history of their relationship, and anything I need to know about the individuals so I will understand the nuances of the interaction.

    2- Next, tell me about the interaction, you know, who said what, how they said it, and so on. You will do this much the way you would tell a buddy about something you observed at a party or in the office the other day, sort of like gossip. Donâ??t leave anything out that would cause me to misunderstand the interaction. Write in a good narrative form - do not provide a dialogue.

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    Hello. I provide the following scenario to assist you. the scenario that I provided should meet the expectations. It includes a history of the relationship, the demeanor of the individuals involved and the office interactions.

    The Office Interaction between Larry and Ted

    Larry was the owner and operator of a business. To many employees, Larry was a very hard person to please, to relate to, and was a person who was not easy to speak to on a daily basis. Further, he appeared to be very agitated and moody towards other employees. Larry had the demeanor of one of those cartoon characters that when he got mad, his face would turn red and smoke would come out of his ears. Ted was a new employee, one that Larry handpicked himself to handle certain business matters for him. Ted seemed to be very focused on pleasing Larry and not interacting with other employees. Ted would walk around the office in a very confident and arrogant manner. He seemed to think that he could not be touched.

    The relationship between Larry and Ted started off very well. Larry would ask Ted to go to lunch with him on occasions and expressed his willingness to assist Ted in becoming an exemplary employee. Because of their good working relationship, Ted would ask Larry many questions about procedural issues and concerns that he had with certain clients.

    As time went on, Larry got tired of helping Ted. ...

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