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Dating and employees

Well... you've already searched the employee manual and it doesn't say anything about dating. (So don't count on HR for help.) Sally and Bob are both your marketing reps. While you were getting your morning Latte at Starbuck's, you glanced around... and there they were sitting at the corner table. It was obvious they weren't discussing the upcoming sales meeting, unless they were practicing for the "group hug." The last time Bob dated a teammate, it ended badly --- tissues and tears. Your department suffered as well. His former girl friend left and you were short-handed. Consequently, your team missed the sales projections for the new product rollout... and you got that call to the corner office to explain why.

You can't believe it's about to happen again. So you do what??...

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I will like to avoid interaction between Sally and Bob as much as possible by putting them on different projects or set of activities. Even though it will not eliminate the possibility of future dating between them as they will continue to see each other after the work, but it will definately mitigate the risks with respect to the effect of ...

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Dating and employees