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Technology and management functions in banking

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I would like to use banking as the subject. I just need to general ideas and references I can use.
Here is the problem:
"Give one well-documented example of how management at your company expects technology to improve business. Discuss how the company's current technology is meeting or not meeting business needs. Please remember that money is the language of business. This means that I expect you to frame your paper in such a language (return on investment, payback period, costs vs. benefits, etc).
Discuss the following:
1. Very brief description of the company, so that readers can have an idea of the type of organization you're talking about.
2. One example of the organization's management expectations of business improvements through technology.
3. An answer to the question: "Is current technology meeting those business needs?"

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This solution discusses technology and management functions in banking.

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I have taken the example of

It is a 24*7 online financial services provider. It is using the latest ecommerce technologies for financial services and giving online services such as banking, home loans, credit cards, currency management, investing advisory and other financial services. The Home page provides a link to all its aforementioned key services. Besides this there are links for account log in, safety and security policy, comparison of rates of the products with other organizations, customer service hot line numbers and link for the business partners.
Thus with the help of the ecommerce technologies it is integrating the system with its vendors and customers. New technologies are helping in empowering employees and customers at the desktop and other devices.
Everbank's product section is giving overview about the features of its key products and services such as various bank accounts, money market accounts, mortgage services, home loans, credit card services, brokerage services.
The rate sections gives details of its rates, APY, account balances for both personal and business accounts. The security sections give details of its security policies and safety policies for its customers. In the newsletter section, ...

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