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Multinational Companies

I need some information, help structuring and ideas to get started on the paper. Thank you.

You want to begin your research by looking at a number of multinational companies that have operations in China or who have plans to expand their operations there. Use the Library, phase resources, and Internet sources to research at least two companies from the following list and one other company of your own choosing and write an article on each.

At a minimum, each article should include:

- A general description of the company
- The major business groups into which the company is divided
- The principal products and/or services that the company produces or provides.
- Net sales and profit data for the past two years
- Number of personnel
- The largest markets where company products or services are sold
- Strategies that the companies have used to grow (e.g. cost reductions, productivity improvements, use of e-commerce, innovative products)

A good place to begin your research would be at the company's web site. Then, in addition to the course resources, you may find to be helpful; it is located in the Library.

* Procter & GambleTM
* MichelinTM
* Kraft FoodsTM
* ToshibaTM
* NokiaTM
* Wal-Mart
* Exxon
* Ebay

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