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    Marketing Strategy of New Bleaching Cream

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    Develop a Marketing Strategy. The first two components you will discuss are your Objectives and Product/Services features.
    Provide a quick overview of the product or service you created on the Unit 1 DB (2-3 sentences only).
    State the features of your product. Show how it's innovative and different.
    Provide a Mission Statement.
    State your short-term objectives (one year). Objectives need to be quantifiable. Use the SMART acronym?simple, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-specific---in formulating your objectives.
    Critique the objectives of at least two other participants. Do the objectives make sense? Are they written correctly? Do you understand them? Would you rewrite them? If so, how?

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    Description of the product

    The product that my company developed, is not only efficient, but will be affordable and is a
    dream com true for everyone. We focused on keeping the product efficient in order to produce popularity and make the product marketable. The focus of my intent was to come up with a product that serves a very important purpose and that's efficiency, which will minimize the time in doing
    Laundry. The concept is environmentally safe, convenient, efficient, and cost effective. It is somewhat like a drier sheet, but we have created the product for a whole different purpose. The
    name of the proposed product is Quick Clean. There are many drier sheets and fabric softeners available to the consumer and most reduce the wrinkles and static as promised. My product looks like a drier sheet, but serves a different purpose. Quick Clean is placed in the drier with stained clothes and removes the stain in ten minutes and removes wrinkles out of any clothing and fabric. The sheet dissolves in the 10 minutes of usage so there is nothing to throw away. This product provides a dual purpose, the first is making the process ...

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    This solution of over 700 words evaluates the development of a new bleaching cream and creates a marketing strategy with overview of product, features, mission statement, and short-term objectives using SMART.