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    Kodak.Com: An Expert Review

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    Visit the Kodak.com Web site and perform an "Expert Review", based on the following criteria:

    ? Consistency
    ? Accessibility
    ? Navigation
    ? Organization
    ? User Control
    ? Searchability

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    The following is an expert review of Kodak.com based on the following 6 criteria: consistency, accessibility, navigation, organization, user control and searchability.

    The website seems to be consistent. The format does not change from area to area or different pages within each category (such as products). The only inconsistency I really saw was when going from the home page to the different areas (consumer products, graphic communications, and medical/dental imaging there was a different color scheme that would not be real noticeable to the average user. Other than that the information was consistent throughout and the set up was clear and consistently used.

    The website has a very interesting home page but ...

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    The solution reviews Kodak's website.