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    eBusiness: Domain Name Management

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    What are some issues related to domain name management that a company should consider in their ebusiness strategy?

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    Let's look more closely at the following question:

    QI: What are some issues related to domain name management that a company should consider in their e-business strategy?

    1. Make sure that current domains and your domain portfolio is consistent with your corporate mandate for your e-commerce company.

    2. Determine the cost, and research for a reliable company for domain set-up. For example, as an e-business, you've invested quite heavily in your Web site and your corporate identity, in the form of your domain name. That's why it is critical that you take the time to ensure that you are guarding against the risk of accidentally losing your domain name, or of suffering from a Web site outage as a result of a problem with the company that you registered your domain name through (http://www.easydns.com/news_resource_a.php3).

    3. Goal is to establish an accurate and clearly identified domain portfolio. Misunderstanding about domain name status can result in loss of domain ownership and inactivation of your organization's established URL (e.g., sometimes e-commerce companies hire another company to provide domain management for a fee). Keep track of your current domain portfolio including expired domains, domains in redemption, failed email contacts, etc.

    4. Consider what could go wrong with your domain. Over the last few years, there have been a number of problems that have emerged with domain names:

    · Domain slamming, i.e. you receive an official looking renewal notice pertaining to one of your domain names. You learn, after following out the instructions on the notice, that your domain name has been transferred to another registrar, and your Web site ...

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    Concerning eBusiness strategy, this solution identifies and explains some of the major issues related to domain name management that are highly imperative for a company to consider.