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    E-Marketing Strategies

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    Topic/Themes: FINAL PROJECT- E-Marketing Plan


    A Plan Projecting a Variety of E-Marketing Strategies for a Hypothetical or Real Company or Organization

    The purpose of this project is to create an Internet marketing strategy plan for a product OR service: something that is sold entirely on the Internet such as software, music, or services such as information, planning, consulting, etc. Do not market a product or service that has physical bricks and mortar outlets (for instance, Gap stores which sell clothing in addition to the cyber-stores Gap.com). You can invent a company or service: it is the MARKETING PLAN sections that I will evaluate, analyze and grade, not your business idea.

    On and Off-line marketing strategies must also be addressed, such as promoting traffic through radio and television ads (review your homework readings for innovative ideas!) Promoting services, not just goods or products, are very hot this year: for instance, Dr. Rife markets her grant proposal writing services on-line, while other organizations such as Amnesty International market their human rights work, subscription services and many other features of their non-profit organization. Use your creativity!

    The marketing plan should be no more than 8 pages double-spaced, and please use no less than a 12 point font. You should use charts and graphs which take up NO more than a 1/3 page and cite readings which have been assigned this semester, please. Grading Criteria and a checklist will be provided during the week your Outlines are due. The E-Marketing plan must include the following sections:


    This section should be no more than a page. The purpose of an executive summary is to give a very condensed version of your proposed e-marketing plan of action in order that extremely busy managers can get a sense of your proposal without reading the entire document. This section is not an introduction, but rather should give a brief overview of each component of your marketing strategy. WRITE THIS LAST -- don't summarize until you complete the entire plan! Follow the headings (see grading criteria) for each section of the plan -- simply summarize them.


    Keep this brief!

    This section should explain who your hypothetical or real organization or company is and provide a detailed explanation of what is being marketed. Give a brief overview of the company, its size and product line or service offered to the public. Explain what the product is, how it works, what its current market positioning is, and how the product or service will produce revenue. If it is a web-based service you are marketing, revenue may be produced through selling advertising as well as sale of the hourly or consulting services. I'm not looking for revenue projections here -- any Marketing Plan reader wants to know, when reading the 'Product/Service Overview', about the proposed profitability of this service or product.


    Who is the product or service targeted to in terms of age, gender, income level and any other demographic characteristics that may be relevant? What marketing research methods (surveys, etc.) will you utilize? You must conduct actual demographic research and summarize this data, using proper citation formats. Sub-headings for this section must be: TARGETED DEMOGRAPHICS and MARKET RESEARCH STRATEGIES. See grading criteria for points given for each section.


    How will you promote your product or service over the Internet? How will you drive traffic to the site via offline advertising and promotions? What are the differences between free promos and ads for your company? When utilizing SUB-HEADINGS in this section of the plan, you should detail on-line and off-line strategies. The sections will be:




    All factual information in the E-marketing plan need to be backed up by sources which should be referenced in the text in accordance with the citation standards in the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association (required by UMUC). All good marketing strategies are based upon solid, current research, and it is required that you cite readings assigned this semester as well as your own graduate-level research finding

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    This business need to include all of this:

    Cover Page
    Executive Summary
    Mission Statement
    Vision Statement
    Business Environment Analysis
    Description of Product or Service
    Competition Analysis
    Pricing Strategies
    Credit Policy
    Competitive Advantage
    Market Segmentation
    Promotional Plan
    Management and Personnel
    Page Numbers
    Business Plan Organization

    Student name

    Business Plan
    Sweet Treats

    Executive Summary

    The company will be serving the customers with the best quality low sugar sweets. Our Sweets are low carb, low sugar, low sodium and low fat recipes and has become very much popular. Now the demand is coming from many parts of the country and internationally. We are thinking of launching the comprehensive ecommerce strategy of our venture in order to cater to the worldwide demand of our sweets. Thus we will also launch an interactive ecommerce portal.

    The Mission Statement

    "By providing tasty, premium and quality food, we will make delight the consumers through out the globe. It will be distinctive as we will provide low calorie and health friendly food including sweets. The identity of the corporation will be framed by substantive commitment to research and development and making low calorie food available and affordable through out the globe."

    The Vision Statement
    Vision has a key role in managing change in today's dynamic business environment. Vision provides a sense of mission and direction to organizational employees and motivates them to perform well. It clarifies the strategic direction and binds the whole organization together. Our vision will be:
    "We will serve as a low calorie food provider to delight the customers which values such food through high quality and affordable food. To make individuals happy, energetic and healthy. "

    Business Environmental analysis

    Socio & Economic Factors
    One has monitor the economic trends like GDP trends, Interest rates, Money supply, Inflation rates, Unemployment levels, Disposable income. It has to identify the growing target segment and introducing new products and services to meet their needs.
    The GDP growth in US is 3.3% in 2006 and it's slightly better than 2005 but worse than 2004. Thus the GDP growth is moderate.
    This is due to:
    1) Increase in Imports
    2) Decrease in Exports
    3) Decrease in spending by the Federal government.


    Thus there is an expectation of moderate growth in US, but we expect better growth because of our uniqueness in the products. Also we will cater international markets through our ecommerce portal, which is growing much faster. For example India is growing more than 9% per annum (RBI).

    Increase in Ecommerce shopping

    In today's modern and fast-paced world, people are constantly looking for ways to help them better manage their time. People strive to make their life better, and this home based shopping has the potential to fulfill all of these needs. Thus there is opportunity in targeting busy individuals who don't have the means, energy or time to visit the physical sweet shops.
    As an organization it should also be aware of economic, tax and business laws. One should also be aware of foreign trade regulations, attitude towards foreign companies as it want to internationalize the operations especially in our ecommerce venture which is global in nature. There is lot of opportunity for the alliances with the manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and other websites for our ecommerce portal.

    Technological environment
    Ecommerce or internet Marketing is an important method of passing information to clients as they would like to be fully informed as can be seen in their insistence on brands. Thus this is an important use of technology in marketing and this adds value to the aims of the marketing organization, which would like to sell more and more.
    When the Internet is used, there is no requirement for any gap and one can get an order from the customer directly. What this means is that when a customer becomes interested through an advertisement for say a sweet pack, the customer can be requested to click on a sign near the product.
    This will move the customer to another site where the customer will get more knowledge about the product. Then the customer also has the liberty to buy the product and the entire process from interest to purchase may be completed in very little time. (Internet Marketing Basics) It is clear that one of the most obvious results of improvement as a result of Internet has been in the areas relating to customer communications. This has made firms that were always working in a mass market situation now try to understand in situations that may be called "one to one" marketing. In Internet, one always tends to have contacts with the customer directly across the computer screen. The result is always that there are evolve several forms of direct exchanges between the client and that of the organization which takes out marketing. This makes it easier for the marketing organization in order to understand the mentality and the understanding of the client and at the same time learn regarding how to talk to the client in such a manner that will make him to purchase the product of the organization. It needs to be noted that this is not just a once in a lifetime event, but it tends to happen regularly. Thus our ecommerce portal will be benefited by the advancement of ecommerce technologies.



    1. Customer Intimacy

    The degree of customer intimacy, community building, and one-to-one marketing is the forte of our venture Sweet treat. We have successfully created a "community feel" with its customers by our personalized services.

    2. Strong Brand

    It has become synonymous with the low sugar, low fat sweets. This has been achieved by continuous innovation and keep customer delight is its main focus.

    3. Technology
    It is able to ...

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