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    Analyzing a hi-tech website for a small retail store

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    A project forms an important aspect of change and development in a business. Modern times have led to an increased importance of web-based platforms for communicating to the clients and presenting them with the required information. The current project is to create a hi-tech website for a small retail store in order to be able to provide the customers with information about products and its availability, based on which they can place orders and get the goods delivered to their homes in the surrounding areas of within 20-kilo meters.

    The aim is to create a website that is not only informative but provides a platform that can be used to support payments and orders. It can be called to be a project mainly because it is a set of logical activities being carried out with a desire to reach or achieve a particular goal or objective.

    Needs Identification and assumptions
    The main need for a website in case of a small retail store is in order to reach out better to the customers. The need to be extremely competitive makes it essential for them to be able to inform customers in a fast and effective manner and to provide tech savvy customers with the facility to order online and obtain home delivery of the required goods. They can easily know about the pricing and availability of goods. This helps the retail store to be able to increase their competitiveness as well as improve their operational efficient. It helps them to market themselves to the tech savvy customers and to form a better mode of operations.

    The main assumption in this case is that the website will be able to increase the business opportunity for the retail store as it can help provide more convenience to its customers in comparison to its competitors. Moreover, the fact that the customers of this retail store are tech savvy is also an assumption.

    Project Objectives
    The main objective of this project is to create a hi-tech website that can help the retailer not only communicate with its clients and market its products and offers to the customers but also a website that is capable of helping the retailer carry out transactions and payments through the website itself. The website needs to be a professional one that is technologically sound and easily manageable or easy to maintain (bdu.ac.in, 2010).

    Personnel Involved
    The main people involved in this project includes the retailer, his technical team or technological infrastructure manager and the web designers, developers and the graphic designers who would actually form the website based on the instructions given to them by the retailer. The retailer shall mention his requirements to the team and the technical team shall incorporate them in their project of developing the website (Webdesigningcompany.net, 2010).

    Risk Assessment
    The main risk involved in this project includes compatibility and technical failure. The formation of a safe payment system that can be protected from hacking and such incidents is extremely important along with the requirement of the system being compatible with the existing infrastructure of the retailer.

    Project Evaluation
    This project should be evaluated as a business improvement project that has a strategic importance as it can help form a competitive edge and competency for the business. It can be stated to have a good return on investment, as it would lead to being a capital investment that can lead to a long-term profitability.

    To conclude, the creation of a website can help the retail business achieve several competitive advantages and be ahead of its competitors. In this way, this project can help the retailer to reach out to its online clients also.

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    Briefly describe the first five points of the Project Scope Checklist in relation to your project:

    1.What are the project objectives?
    2.List the deliverables.
    3.Identify the milestones of the project.
    4.List the technical requirements.
    5.What are the limits and exclusions?

    Be sure to complete the following items:

    Identify the Project Priorities.
    Create a Work Breakdown Structure.
    Create a Responsibility Matrix.

    The solution is 6 pages, including a table of deliverables and a flow chart of project milestones. No references.

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    Customer E-commerce Website Proposal

    We wish to thank you for this opportunity to submit a proposal for the establishment of your retail store's e-commerce online presence. Our company can provide for all aspects of this particular project and possess the technical knowledge and experience to successfully meet and exceed your expectations. In the text below you will find our company's outline of the project objectives, list of deliverables, expected project milestones, the technical requirements for this project and any limits and exclusions as they would pertain to the project.

    I. Project Objectives:

    To successfully achieve the desired outcomes assigned to this project, it is necessary to properly identify the specific objectives of the project. This project actually contains 3 distinct objectives: site design, e-commerce gateway/interface and email campaigning. Each phase will be carried out by the appropriate division and employ the technical and creative talents of our company.

    The design phase will be assigned to the Director of Project Design who will create a team of 4 primary website and graphic designers focused on this project. By assigning this number of designers, the actual project is broken down by section with each designer focusing on specific pages of the site. This process will expedite the overall project completion by producing simultaneously complete pages that can be compiled at the testing phase.

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