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    The Customer Is Boss

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    Write a 3-5 page essay based "The Customer Is Boss," in Lafley and Charan's The Game-changer. In this chapter, Lafley explains how he effected a positive turn-around at Proctor and Gamble (P&G), by changing the culture when he took over as CEO. A fundamental element of P&G's innovative process was emphasis on developing a deeper understanding of the needs of the customer.

    For this essay, imagine that the external expert is your employer. Your employer has asked you to read and review "The Customer Is Boss." He or she wants you to discuss its relevance to your organization at the next staff meeting. You are the only person at the meeting who has read any part of the book.

    What would have to happen in your organization to successfully execute adoption of the P&G culture described in The Game-changer?

    Evaluate the challenges, opportunities, risks, and rewards involved in the transition.
    Use "Questions Using the Elements of Thought" and the "Universal Intellectual Standards" from Paul and Elder's The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking: Concepts and Tools to ensure you cover the important points in your essay.
    Provide context for your audience by including a summary of the concepts presented in the reading.

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    There is some relevance of "The customer is boss" in Game Changer. Lafley explains how he effected a turnover at Procter and Gamble. by changing its culture. The relevance in my organization that makes and sells industrial machine tools is limited. At P&G, employees lived the lives of the people they targeted, so that they understood the lives of the customers and design products that directly address the needs of the customers.
    The sales persons of my organization can also spend a few days with the users of machine tools in their factories and develop insights into their needs and find out ways of improving the designs and performance of our machine tools.
    If my organization successfully executed the adaptation of P&G culture described in the Game Changer, there would be numerous changes in the designs of the machine tools. These changes would be related to the speed and the features of different machine tools, and some modification to the design of the machine tools. The result would be that the machine tools made by my company would be much more user friendly than what they are now.
    However, there would be challenges. First, in case of my company the users are not the purchases. It is doubtful the extent to which the user-friendliness of our machine tools will positively influence the purchase decisions. The workers are the users of the machines but the purchase manager is the critical decision makers. In fact, the action of our salespersons interacting with the production ...

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