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    Effective Management for Competitive Strategies

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    I need some help with the following two questions:

    1. One of the big dangers in crafting a competitive strategy is that managers, torn between the pros and cons of the various generic strategies, will opt for "stuck in the middle" strategies that represent compromises between lower costs and greater differentiation and between broad and narrow market appeal. If this tue or false and why?

    2. What are the keys to sustaining a focused low-cost strategy?

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    1. The answer to this statement is a resounding True. The problem with competitive strategies is that there is always a cost-benefit balance that needs to be achieved. No strategy is always 100% effective, as there will need to be some compromise in certain areas. As a result, many organizations find themselves unable to fully develop competitive strategies, and as such, end up with a middle-of-the-market ranking. They neither fail in their industry nor do they succeed. They become sustainable through a various of notions, such as an average image and reputation, no clear industry leadership, average cost system, and little if any product differentiation. These kinds of companies ...

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    The expert examines effective management for competitive strategies. The keys to sustaining a focused low-cost strategy is determined.