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Defining Consumer Psychology

Define consumer psychology.

Describe the psychological concepts related to consumer psychology and their importance in developing a successful marketing communication message.

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Consumer psychology is essentially the study and analysis of group thinking patterns, personal characteristics, and perceptions, and what influences individuals to purchase goods and services. Customer psychology also analyzes the procedures and/or processes by which individuals obtain the goods and services that they need.

There are a variety of psychological concepts that are used in order to understand consumer psychology, as well as their importance in developing a successful marketing communications message or campaign. One of the most important psychological concepts discussed in analyzing and understanding consumer psychology, is the concept of the emotional bases by which many consumers choose to purchase given items or services. A lot of the activities that human beings engage in are based on their emotions, and consumption is no exception to this rule, and a prime example of the emotional basis of consumer psychology is the fact that many consumers are attracted to items that make them feel good, or boost their mood, so it is up primary importance that marketing, which includes the packaging of products, ...