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    The Value of Shares

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    There is a merger between Lester and Sham-Wa. I am trying to finance the merger with a stock for stock financing, debt finance, or stock and cash financing.

    Can you tell me from the statements how much cash Lester has and how many shares each of the 2 companies have? I also need to know what the value of the shares are for each of the 2 companies. Please provide the answers and show me where in the statements you found them.

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    How much cash does Lester have?
    Go to the Statement of Cash Flow worksheet of the Excel file, and then look for the 'Ending Balance Cash & Equivalents.' This line gives how much cash Lester has at the end of 2002, 2003 and 2004 which are 53,181; 52,477 and 34,733.50, ...

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