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Theory of WJI

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Prepare a presentation for the first session of the management training track at WJI. In this session you will introduce corporate values, describe the company culture, explain its organizational structure, and develop a way to evaluate the skill level of the group being trained. You should also provide information about organizational theories in general, identifying which theory WJI best reflects.

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This solution prepares a presentation to describe a firm's culture and introduce its values while explaining organizational structure.

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Management Training & Motivation

You are the manager of training and development for Washington-Jones Inc., a growing business consulting firm. Your job is to provide technical skills and enrichment training for the company's employees, as well as, new employee orientation classes. You have been asked by the CEO to develop a management track of training, which potential supervisors, managers and project leaders must complete before stepping into those roles. Additionally, present managers will be required to attend this training within one year.

The company in its early days operated in a traditional manner, organizing departments along functional lines; however, it has since discovered that a matrix structure better fits the consulting nature of the firm. The company has placed high value on making work meaningful for its employees, believing this will foster creativity and innovation. The company culture encourages a team orientation.

As the manager of training and development, your job tasks are to understand the roles of a manager and a leader, as well as, develop and present a management track of training which will include the training on corporate values and goals, organizational structures and culture, software tools, communication, motivation, and the implementation of change.

For your management track training you need to include methods of motivation. You research the Internet and examine various theories on motivation. Not only do you include this information in the training program, you also review the implication of each theory for your own role as Manager of Training and Development at Washington-Jones Inc. Create a training presentation on these theories of motivation and include in the speaker notes the plan that you might take to motivate your own team of trainers and the potential and existing managers who will be participating in your new management training track.

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