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    Bad Message Communcation

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    As a manager, how would you relay an important negative message with as little impact on your team as possible? Why would you choose this method? What is the best way to handle gossip before it spreads?

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    I will relay an important negative message in such a way that it has as little impact on my team as possible. The method is positive-negative-positive method. There will be a positive message followed by the negative message after which another positive message will follow. Normally, the negative message must be formed depending on the message to be conveyed. However, since no message has been given to us, a general approach is suggested.
    Let us consider a specific situation. If half the workers are to be laid off within six months a negative message would ...

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    This solution explains the method of conveying bad messages, and stopping harmful workplace gossip. The sources used are also included in the solution. The explanation is given in 353 words with 4 references.