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    Reflections on Aaker's Strategic Market Management

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    What is your opinion or brief overview on lessons that one my learning from this book.

    Aaker, David A. (2011) Strategic Market Management, 9th edition, Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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    The most important lessons that I have learned as a result of this course are the applicability of strategic market management to many different business functions. I learned that strategic management is important throughout the company's structure. Whether starting a business or expanding a business it is important to look at the different components that impact potential success. While I have learned parts of the different pieces in the past, putting together the ability to review all the components was of great help. In performing an analysis of the energy bar industry, I learned the importance of understanding categories customers, competitors, market and environment. It was important to understand that markets evolve to become segmented and that each segment has individualized needs and motivations that ...

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    This solution provides reflections based upon Aaker's text, "Strategic Market Management".