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    UAE compensation and benefits lit review

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    Literature review
    -Historical review
    - defining compensation and benefits
    - How organizations use compensation and benefits
    -How often and under which circumstances it occurs
    - types of compensation and benefits. Their impact on emplooyees motivation
    -difficulties and challenges in building the right compensation and benefits packages
    -developing compensation aand benefits plan
    - HRM in MNEs
    - Compensation and benefits in MNEs

    Above are the subchapters tht I have described and looked into in my literature review chapter. Would love to get help with additional info. but at least 3000 words as I have completed 7500 and need guidance on another 3000-3500 . Thank you

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    I have provided you with information in the form of an annotated bibliography. The references are at the end, but each section notes what reference is being used. From these you can further investigate since the articles often list their references. You can pick and choose what articles or information best suits your focus. Since you have completed the 7500 words, I could not set a particular focus. To get specific compensation for individual companies, you should research and check the companies financial reports, since most are online. You can use the information provided, some of it contains direct quotes, but all use the information provided by the articles. Gulf News and The National are two resources that are useful and academically approved. Laws are changing all the time in the UAE because of the number of foreigners who work in the country. The majority, somewhere in the neighborhood of 85%, of the workers are foreign. The laws to protect companies and foreigners are being developed as are laws that help encourage the UAE nationals to go to work in their country.

    Please let me know if you need further clarification or help.

    When considering employment in the UAE, one has to focus on the two diverse choices and the problems within each one. The first group, the foreigners who flock to the UAE for work, do so as much for the money as the work. Compensation and benefits are better in the UAE than in their homeland or the MNEs bring them in to work at lower wages to make a profit. Motivation is a key to business success in the UAE. It is also important for gaining more productivity and employees from within the country's home populations. Getting and retaining UAE nationals is difficult. The turnover rate of nationals is double that of non-nationals (Hay Group, 2012).
    Compensation in the UAE, according to the 2012 Hay Report, stated that compensation had risen 4.9%. This bodes well for non-cash benefits and compensation as well. The Hay Group is a consulting firm that identifies and helps leaders with strategies to grow their business through employee effectiveness and motivation.

    Historical perspective
    Before oil was discovered in the 1950s, the states of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were poor and had relatively low standards of living. With the discovery of oil, the standards improved and more trained workers were needed to supply the products and services related to both the oil companies and the growing wealth within the country. Foreign workers became the choice for most companies, both national and MNEs. Foreign workers flocked to the states to work as compensation rose. Now the country is attempting to find ways to engage nationals in the country's labor force, planning for a future where the country's economic security is founded on the country's populations and not foreign workers.

    MNEs entered the country to work the oil fields and supply the services and products needed to support the oil industry. Construction has also been a major industry to grow within the country, needing both skilled and unskilled labor to build and maintain the new construction boom the country underwent in the last decades of the twentieth century. MNEs hire employees based on their skills as needed by the company and pay based on those same needs. However, MNEs must often, for executives and management, meet not only compensation and normal benefits such as insurance, but also the living needs, schooling needs of children, and other compensation that makes it possible to have expatriates work outside of their home countries.

    Research and Markets; Employee Benefits in the UAE
    The UAE provides social security benefits for only UAE nationals. The country is not set up to provide these types of benefits to expatriates or to meet the standards set by other countries. Expatriates and employers of expatriate employees are not required to make any contributions to the social security system. However the country has made provisions that all employees in the UAE may contribute to private benefits plans. Those might include individual sayings or group savings. MNEs save money because they do not have to pay benefits or match benefits for foreign workers within the UAE.
    The article also states the rules under which the ...

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    A lit review of articles pertaining to compensation in the UAE.