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Pay Determination

For each of the following jobs, state whether you think the pay should emphasize base pay (wages/salaries) or incentive pay (bonuses, profit sharing and so on).

(a) An accountant at a manufacturing company

(b) A salesperson for a software company

(c) A chief executive officer

(d) A physician in a health clinic

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a -- base pay
b -- incentive pay
c -- base pay
d -- incentive pay (ideally, a combination of base pay and incentive pay)

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We can't give the accountant or the CEO a pay structure based 100% on incentives. It gives both the accountant and CEO too much incentive to manipulate earnings in order to receive their bonuses/extra pay. Most large companies have eliminated incentive pay for executives because of how much fraud takes place when they do. The companies ...

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This solution thoroughly discusses if the pay should emphasize base pay or inventive pay for each position given.