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    Compensation:Unemployment insurance benefits

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    How does a state determine if an individual is eligible for unemployment insurance benefits?

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    The state provides unemployment insurance benefits to unemployed workers to help with temporary financial assistance. However, they must meet the stipulated requirements of state law (US Department of Labor, 2010). The state determines if an individual is eligible for unemployment insurance benefits if there is evidence that he or she is unemployed through no fault of their own, e.g. loss of job due to employer downsizing (US Department of Labor, 2010). In addition, the individual who files the claim for benefits must meet the state requirements for income earned over a defined period of time called the "base period" (US Department of Labor, 2010). The base period in most states in the US is the "first four out of the last five competed calendar quarters prior to the time the claim is filed" (US ...

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    In 493 words and references, this solution discusses how the state determines who applies for unemployment insurance and when a person may be denied compensation.