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    PrimeTime Sportswear: Prepare a cash budget

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    PrimeTime Sportswear is a custom imprinter that began operations six months ago. Sales have exceeded management's most optimistic projections. Sales are made on account and collected as follows: 50% in the month after the sale is made and 45% in the second month after sale. Merchandise purchases and operating expenses are paid as follows:

    In the month during which the merchandise
    is purchased or the cost is incurred 78%
    In the subsequent month 22%

    PrimeTime Sportswear's income statement budget for each of the next four months, newly revised to reflect the success of the firm, follows:

    Cash on hand June 30 is estimated to be $39,620. Collections of June 30 accounts receivable were estimated to be $20,420 in July and $15,280 in August. Payments of June 30 accounts payable and accrued expenses in July were estimated to be $23,820.

    (a) Prepare a cash budget for August and September. (Enter all amounts as positive value except for Beginning Ending cash which has to be indicated with a minus sign if it is negative amount. Leave no cells blank - be certain to enter "0" wherever required.)

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    july august sep oct
    sales 42400 54200 67600 59100
    first month 20420 21200 27100 33800
    second month 15280 19080 24390 30420
    total cash ...

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