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    Matimak Trading Co. v. Khalily and D.A.Y. Kids Sportswear In

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    Deliverable Length: 1 page

    In each unit, you will prepare a case brief. Read the web page "How To Brief A Case" (http://www.lib.jjay.cuny.edu/research/brief.html), to learn how to write a case brief.

    Also, read this archive of an instructor's advice about how to write a case brief. Follow these guidelines when preparing your case briefs. Read Case 1-4 Matimak Trading Co. v. Khalily and D.A.Y. Kids Sportswear Inc. on pages 12-16 in the August text, and prepare a case brief.

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    1. Title and Citation
    United States Court of Appeals,Second Circuit.,118 F.3d 76 (2d Cir. 1997)
    MATIMAK TRADING CO., Plaintiff-Appellant, v.Albert KHALILY, d/b/a Unitex Mills, Inc., and D.A.Y. Kids Sportswear Inc.,Defendants-Appellees.No. 1251, Docket 96-9117.

    2. Facts of the Case
    Matimak Trading Co Ltd, is a company organized under the laws of Hong Kong and doing business in Honk Kong. This company wanted to sue Albert Khalily and DAV Kids Sportswear under the 28 U.S.C Section 1332 (a) (2) for a breach of contract in the US District ...

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    This solution talks about the case Matimak Trading Co. v. Khalily and D.A.Y. Kids Sportswear Inc... It also gives you a case brief that you can use.