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    Financial Management Research Paper for Wal-Mart

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    This paper needs to contain the following guidelines:

    1) A brief discussion of the firm to include its principle goods and services, market share, geographic locations where it operates and major competitors.

    2) Evaluate the firm's financial condition and strategies. This will include the firm's weighted average cost of capital, profitability over the past three years, the dividend policy, any issuance of corporate bonds and the use of debt.

    3) In addition to the firm's financial statements and annual report, two other sources of referenced financial data are required for analysis, e.g., value line or yahoo finance.

    4) At least one referenced source of industry averages, e.g., Dunn & Bradstreet or Hoover's. In addition, the discussion in the research paper will evaluate at least three of the firm's financial ratios compared to the industry average.

    5) The firm's three-year monthly stock price will be plotted over past three years and included as a table or chart in the research paper. Analysis will include comments on the stock price volatility.

    6) Describe and analyze how the firm handles currency exchange risk.

    7) Organize your research paper to logically flow and address all requirements. This research paper will be graded on both content and format.

    8) Discuss any capital market considerations the firm encounters in its home country.

    9) On a separate document, provide the page numbers in your research paper where the response to the specific tasks above can be found.

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