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    This post discusses the steps in decision maing.

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    Topic is decision making, or breaking apart the interactions often used to make decisions. When a group or team is multi-cultural, and you as a manager want inclusion of ideas it is very important to examine decision steps carefully.

    When managers more clearly apply a thoughtful set of steps, then their leadership is more visible and more effective. This effectiveness includes the challenge of finding solutions to problems during adversity. And by being very careful with decision steps, much of the time people will step forward to build upon their motivations.

    Many of us are familiar with the steps, but here's another copy of them. Which step seems to be most easily overlooked, in your opinion?

    Decision Making: An approach or process, often using 5 steps or activities, which include

    - Set managerial objectives. What do we want to achieve in the process? This activity may also be called recognizing the problem to solve.
    - Search for alternatives by gathering information. Don't just go with some have called "the first right answer."
    - Compare and evaluate the alternatives.
    - Make a choice among the alternatives.
    - Implement the decision chosen.

    Follow up. Monitor progress (6th step frequently added to assure performance information and accountability).

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    Which step seems to be most easily overlooked, in your opinion?

    The step that is most easily overlooked is searching for alternatives by gathering information. This is the hardest step for managers to take because it is the most time-consuming. Many managers were not properly trained in comprehensive information gathering, and their research skills are very weak. This causes a ...

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