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    Group Decision Making

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    The CEO read your small groups strategic plan and is very impressed with your suggestions and the speed with which your group developed the plan. He would like more groups within the organization to be as effective and efficient as your group was with this project. In order for other members of management to benefit from your group's experience you are to create an article for the corporate management newsletter that addresses the following:

    What type of decision making process did your group use to arrive at a consensus decision?
    In what ways is the group decision making process different from the individual decision making process?
    Did your group avoid or reduce group biases or errors? If yes, how? If no, why not or what happened?
    What are the implications of social influence for individuals and organizations?

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    What type of decision making process did your group use to arrive at a consensus decision?
    The decision making process that my group used was that we first brainstormed. For this three members presented their perspectives on the problems that we needed to solve. After discussing the problem, the leader of our group requested members to contribute their suggestions. Each of the suggestions was written on a white board. At this stage there was no discussion on the suggestions. In this manner we were able to get the opinion of all the group members and there were no criticisms. This stage was important to encourage creative ideas. A number of ideas listed under 'some other solutions' like 'using a policy-forming group which reports to the larger group, using outside experts and having leaders impartial' were generated at this stage.
    We then had a discussion on each of the topics and earmarked those issues that were perceived by the group as important. There were a total of five issues at this stage. We discussed further on these and found that there were common thoughts in three of the topics. We refined these issues into improvements and ...

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    This posting an efficient group decision making process. . It also explains how this is different from individual decision making process.