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    Decision Making Style: what model and stakeholder influence fits the situation

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    This is intended to be an interview:

    What decision making model do you prefer? Why? How do the influences of internal and external stakeholders affect the decision-making model that best fits the situation? Provide an example of how stakeholder influence might dictate which decision-making model is best in a particular situation.

    Please provide your own input not just a list of references.
    One paragraph with 220 words will be sufficient... its primarily your outlook on the matter. Thank you

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    What decision making model do you prefer?

    I prefer the Behavioral Style. I prefer this style as the decision maker is concerned with all parties involved and the impact that the decision has on them. I feel this is very important in business. We must remember all stakeholders, both external and internal and what impact what we do has on them.

    How do the influences of internal and external ...

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    In a three paragraph solution, a particular model of decision making is selected and explored. A good example involving a stakeholder for a small business is explained including consequences of the decision.