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    Business Strategy & Policy: Managing the Change Process

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    What makes change so difficult for most individuals, and how can this process be improved to lessen the threat?

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    Change, as applied to organization, is any alteration in people, structure, and technology. (Robbins and Coulter, 2004). Change is inherent in an organization because the environment, both internal and external is not permanent.

    Why change is necessary:

    In the external environment, buyers and their tastes, preferences, needs, and wants change as a result of changes in them as a person or as members of the community. They may have become older, more educated, and more economically capable. The buyers may also have occupied better or more challenging positions in the community or in the organizations where they belong. To cope with these changes in the buyers, the organization needs to modify its products and services. These can only be done through some changes within the organization, people, structure, and technology.

    Still a part of the environment is the government through its policies, laws, and regulations. At times these are supportive of the ...

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