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    English Only policy

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    Analyze the Politics/Administration Dichotomy

    I will be discussing this dichotomy in relationship to "English Only" policy.

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    English only policy has been challenged in court on the grounds that it is a violation of Title VII of the US Constitution. However, it has been struck down because the court did not find that the English only policy discriminated against Spanish speaking workers. The court reached the decision that business necessity required the business to have an English only policy. (Gonzalo v. All Island Transp (EDNY 2007) 89 EPD 42,736).

    From one perspective, it is politics and exercise of power to have an "English Only" policy. The power of the ones that impose such a policy and the lack of power of the ones that is subject to such a policy. For example, the use of "English Only" policy was prevalent in government business for a long time in Miami till the growing Hispanic population became a majority in Dade County. They used their political power to overturn the policy. The Spanish speaking people felt that the policy was against their interests.

    We can examine the dichotomy by evaluating ...

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