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Improving an Organization's Logistical System

How can your organization's logistical system be improved?

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Logistics encompasses all activities from purchasing materials to delivery of your final products or services to the consumer. These key operations include: customer service, transportation, warehousing, inventory management, order processing, packaging, sales forecasting, production scheduling, and the selection of plant and warehouse locations.

Steps to improve an organization's logistical system (warehousing operations):

Any successful business plan begins with a definition of who and what a business organization is in terms of what are its strengths and weaknesses and what business objectives the company has. Identification of difficulties in the marketplace that your company is looking to overcome is also a critical part of this overall business definition.

Once you have defined who and what your organization is, you need to define what philosophy or paradigm your company is based on. Are you known for high levels of customer service, product innovation, product line breadth, price point, product availability, and/or customization? Next, define customer expectations. How do your customers, both internal and external, expect to receive products? Is there a better way to deliver your goods to meet your company's business objectives. Once you've completed this process of information gathering, you will have the raw data you need to evaluate your present approach to storage and retrieval operations. You can then compare those operations with new material flow concepts and you'll be ready when management and/or customer expectations change.

Why should an organization improve materials ...

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