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    Ethics in Action

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    Please help with the following problem found in the textbook: Business Law: The Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment 13th edition written by Jane Mallor, A. James Barnes, Thomas Bowers, and Arlen W. Langvardt (2007). Please answer question in detail.

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    1. Is it morally right to balance personal injury and human life against economic gain?
    Isn't each human life valuable beyond measure? Can decision-making processes such
    As the FTC's ever be justified?
    It is morally not right to balance personal injury and human life against economic gains. The reason for this is that no economic value or price can be put on human life. No amount of economic gain can offset danger to human life. An injury to a single person cannot be outweighed by economic gains. Each life is beyond measure and as human beings have not been able to create a single human life by spending as much economic 'gains' as possible, human beings do not have the right to put the lives of others at danger.
    Decision making by FTC where danger to human life is weighed against economic value is unpardonable. From the deontological perspective the FTC has the duty to protect human life from injury at ...

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