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    Analyze two articles on business ethics; critical issues

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    1. Research and analyze two articles on business ethics.
    2. Analyze and explain the critical issues discussed in each article.
    3. Analyze and explain the recommended solutions for these issues.
    4. Analyze and explain what organizations need to do to address these issues.
    5. Analyze and describe the legal and societal ramifications of ignoring these issues.

    Using college grammar, and professional vocabulary. Cited all sources using the APA style.

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    Researching and Analyzing articles on Business Ethics

    Article title: The Role of the CFO in the Ethical Culture of an Organization
    Author and date: Schulman Miriam, August, 2011
    Source: Santa Clara University: Markula Centre for Applied Ethics, Retrieved from http://www.scu.edu/ethics/practicing/focusareas/business/CFO.html

    Critical issue discussed in the Article

    In this article, Miriam Schulman analyses the role of the CFO in building and enhancing the ethical culture in an organization. Taking into account the numerous financial scandals that have rocked a number of organizations during the past decade and taking into account that finance is virtually plugged into all the facets of a business it is imperative that finance professional in a company be pace makers in the ethical culture of a company. The critical issue in this article was therefore how finance professions can be able to enhance the ethical culture in an organization and what role they play in maintaining transparency and integrity (Schulman, 2011).

    Recommended solutions for the critical issue

    Schulman in her article recommended that the best solution for this critical issue is by integrating finance ethical culture throughout every facet within an organization. Since the employee often looks up to the CEO and the CFO to see their commitment to ethics, the role that the CFO plays in developing an organization's ethical culture is undeniable. The recommendations in this article on how finance professionals can enhance organizational culture are: the signing of written confirmation letters by managers at all levels of the ...

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