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Analysis of Ethical Issues at Linkage Construction

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Business & Professional Ethics

?Answer the three questions following the Management Choice Ethics Case

?Describe what Sue should do and the decision-making approach that supports such
action when responding to question 3. The steps summarized in Figure 5.5 may help guide your answer to question 3. Justify your decision based on the impact it would have on the stakeholders involved in the situation using terminology and concepts from Ch. 5.

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1. The stakeholders in this scenario include Anne Distagne, Sue, the other employees of the company, the shareholders of the company, the customers of the firm, and the firm's lenders (the bank, etc.).

2. The ethical issues involved include the fact that the firm's president is concerned that posting too much profit this year will be at the expense of next year's profit making it difficult to acquire expansion capital in the near future. The CFO is having a moral dilemma because of the potential that certain basic accounting principles including the matching principle could be broken as a result of the proposals of the president.

3. Sue is not in such a terrible position. Utilizing the consequential framework method of ethical decision ...

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The solution describes and an ethical framework and method for overcoming a specific ethical dilemma.