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    Academic approach to Ethical issues

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    You have researched ethics and identified determinants that influence the decision making process. Choose a current event that displays ethical behavior and another current event that displays unethical behavior.You are required to provide a thorough discussion for each current event and explain why the behavior was ethical and/or unethical. In the case of the unethical event, what could have been done differently to change the behavior from unethical to ethical? In the case of the ethical event, what was the behavior that you felt displayed ethical guidelines.

    use a minimum of two credible sources using APA format.

    3-4 pages (including a reference list)

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    Business Ethics

    Current event that displays ethical behavior

    Ethical behavior is characterized by the presence of morals, values and beliefs that work for the benefit of every one, irrespective of any biases based on the caste, race, color etc. This holds true in the event of Barack Obama. It has been first in the American history that election of Barack Obama as the president has much to do to restore the global image of America. Based on the ethical perspective, this is the correct decision that has been taken by the large and enthusiastic crowds.

    Barack obama received huge number of votes from African-Americans and young people. This reflects the choice of people towards the establishment of democracy in the nation, irrespective of the class of people. With this win, Obama became the first African-American to succeed the White House.

    Current event that displays unethical behavior

    The event of recession has brought up many unethical issues, which were followed by the companies in almost all the countries. The word recession signifies a noteworthy fall in economic activity. Taking an example from the companies of British and UK, it has been found that the British companies are struggling hard to keep them firm in the middle of credit crisis environment on the sake of employees. Other companies like Ernst & Young and Deloitte, the consultancy has changed its outlook for facing the situation of suffering in markets of credit.

    These Companies are focusing on the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 924 Words, APA References