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    Business Math: Statistical Problems

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    ** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description **
    Mathematical symbols only appear in the attached file.

    Need answers to a. and b

    Let A and B be two events such that (please see the attached file) and (please see the attached file).
    (a) Determine (please see the attached file), given that and are mutually exclusive .
    (b) Determine (please see the attached file), given that and are independent .
    Do not round your responses.
    a.(please see the attached file)
    b.(please see the attached file)
    Problem (2)
    Suppose that and are independent events such that and .
    (please see the attached file)
    Find and (please see the attached file)
    Problem (3)
    Which of the following variables are best thought of as continuous, which discrete? Indicate your choice for each by checking the appropriate column. Discrete or Continuous

    Variable Discrete Continuous
    a. The number of children in a household
    b. The temperature of a burrito served to a
    Customer in a local Mexican restaurant.
    c. The number of insects feeding on a tree.
    d. The number of personal telephone calls
    made tomorrow at Bingley Corporation

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