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    Worker Productivity During the Holidays

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    Keeping Workers' Attention During the Holidays

    Our text gives examples as to what may cause a decrease in the performance readiness of an employee/group: problems at work, problems at home, or just plain boredom (Hersey, Blanchard, & Johnson, 2008). Well, another situation is right around the corner that may cause regression, and it boils down to two words - the holidays. Performance readiness may decrease as presents, traveling, and delicious food take precedence over work responsibilities and objectives. However, author Liz Ryan (2011) gives five tips to help managers stop this decrease from occurring in order to keep job responsibilities/objectives intact, thus preventing the need for the regressive cycle to occur. Ryan alludes that if these tips are taken to heart, managers have a fighting chance to keep regression at bay, and maintain a stress-free holiday--at work (Ryan, 2011).

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    I agree, the holidays do give employees a chance to regulate their work to the back burner, while holiday demands fill their lives. It is a difficult time to get work done if you are depending upon others, as ...

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    This solution discusses how to avoid losing worker productivity during the holidays based on a BusinessWeek article.