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    Work measurement

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    Comment on the following:
    a. "Work measurement is old hat. We have automated our office, and now we run every bill
    through our computer (after our 25 clerks have typed the data into our computer database)."
    b. "It's best that our workers don't know that they are being time studied. That way, they can't
    complain about us getting in the way when we set time standards."
    c. "Once we get everybody on an incentive plan, then we will start our work measurement
    d. "Rhythm is fine for dancing, but it has no place on the shop floor."

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    Work measurement is the application of techniques designed to set the time for an average worker to carry out a well-defined product task at a required level of performance. This action of setting a time for workers does not follow from automation, running of bills, or entering voluminous data into a database. These actions do not achieve work measurement or substitute work measurement in a meaningful way.

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