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    Verybest's executive management team

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    It has been brought to the attention of Verybest's executive management team that the department managers have not been held accountable for their individual department's budget, which has contributed to increased costs and reduced profits. You need to:

    Evaluate the relationships between departmental and total facilities budgets.
    Explain the business transactions that occur in an organization budget.
    Describe the budget cycle, the decision problems, and decision rules that may affect the relationships between the department and total facility.
    * Emphasize the role that each department's input plays into the budget and how it relates to their use of the budget in managing costs.
    * Explain what factors you used in making your decisions and the purpose of each selection.

    Objective: Describe the relationship between departmental and total facility budgets.

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    // There exists a relationship between departmental and total facilities budgets. This will be explained in the paper, and we will highlight the role of each department's input in the budget. We will include in the paper the description of the budget cycle and the decision problems. //

    To establish a relationship among the departments and facilities budget, it is mandatory to know about the facilities budget. It is the budget, which helps in fulfilling the crisis or short term requirements for the subsequent budgets. The main relation amid these two concepts highlights that the facilities budgets act as a helper at the time of emergency, occurring in the various departments. The main role played by the total facilities budget castes a significant impact on the departments in case of arising of the crisis; the total facilities budget acts as a protector for the departments by supporting them in their shortcomings (Facilities Life Cycle Budget Planning, 2009).

    //Moving on, now, we would discuss the business transactions that take place in an organizational budget.//

    The business transactions in an organizational budget are the investments made in a department such as the purchases, sales or carrying out the research work. All this as a whole comprise the main transactions carried out in a business. The business transactions, which are carried out in an ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 891 words with references.