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    Types of communications used in businesses

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    Discuss the types of communications channels in your organization, such as e-mail, fax, Intranet, publications, face-to-face meetings, telephone, and CCTV.

    Describe the types of message that flow through four of these channels.

    Explain why you believe it is important for a manager to select the appropriate channel for any message he or she distributes.

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    The company I worked for used email, phone, fax, chat programs, online data storage, and face to face meetings. These all allowed the members of the staff a chance to make contact both internally and externally with other members of the staff and with customers.

    We used email for the messages that could be sent with limited information and for sending clients messages and drawings, plans, and general information about the drafting of their building designs. This was usually quick for those internally and also worked well with most customers, because they could access their information quickly and get back to us. We could also provide them with information they could print out and go over. The ability to fax was limited due to the type of work we did, but to ...

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    A discussion on the types of communications used by the OTA's company.