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Television networks and slowing loss of marketshare

For many years, the big three national broadcast television networks shared 100% of the market and traded market share back and forth periodically. During the last two decades, the emergence of nationally available cable programming and the rise of rival broadcast networks such as Fox, UPN, and WB have increasingly cut into the market share of the big three. What steps would you recommend to the big three to stop or slow this loss of market share?

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My recommendations would include quality checkups, limiting advertising and not programming, creating and maintaining shows with little audiences, but big returns.

One of the most ineffective ways to gain audience is to survey the same group. Nielsen and others have a singular group that may change, but continues to use the same basic guidelines for measuring audience. Audiences for the other networks ...

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A discussion on how the "Big 3" could slow the loss of marketshare and viewers. Discussed are ways to change current thinking to gain new, more loyal target markets.