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    Success Case Evaluation Method and Five Steps of SCM

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    Can you help me explain how the SCM approach could be used to evaluate a specific type of training in your organization or one with which you are familiar. I need to Include details about each of the five essential steps of the methodology. Thanks for your help.

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    Tracking Effectiveness of Training

    The Success Case Evaluation Method is used to determine the extent to which training intervention helped produced valuable results and why it worked. Determining the effectiveness of the training an organization executes is key in matching an organizations' actions to its' missions and goals. Equally important is evaluating if the training was not successful, the reason for failure and what actions the organization needs to take to refine the training for better results. Even in the event the training is successful, it is key to utilize a method like Success Case Evaluation (SCM) to maximize the impact of training so that the organization is getting the best return on investment possible. There are five steps involved in the Success Case Evaluation Method (Moseley, Dessinger, 2009). These steps could be utilized to create and evaluate the effectiveness of my company's cashier training program in order to maximize results, and thus success.

    To execute a successful cashier training program it is first necessary to focus and plan the evaluation study, step one of the Success Case Evaluation Method. The organization must identify what information would help the organization understand how to support its' goal to "get and keep customers." In utilizing the SCM one could determine that we need to serve the customers faster, in order to increase their satisfaction and willingness to return to the store. To quantify this data, cashiers item per customer and time per customer could be calculated, and compared to other shifts. The question that must be answered is how to train cashiers in methods to check out customers more quickly. Ideas for this training could be testing in a pilot store, and then rolled out chain-wide to all locations.

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