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    Social problem in need of solution in the next 5 years: Idea

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    There are lots of social problem in need of solutions (areas such as energy, environment, poverty, literacy, empathy to name a few). The question guiding this assignment is: in the next 5 years, what would you change to make the world a better place? What you would like to see happen & how do you plan to get there?

    In other words, pick a social need/problem (in your local community or at a more global level) that you think needs to be addressed. It is up to you to identify and define the boundaries and scope of the social need. What can design, develop, create, etc to provide some type of temporary or longer term solution to resolve this need?

    The Professor will be awarding points for needs that are novel, bold, original, valuable and interesting. To assess whether the need you identify meets some of these criteria, ask yourself- dose what I want to address or change deal with a particular social need in a new and original way?( think Kiva or Grameen here)

    The assignment is structured in two parts- an idea memo and a paper.

    1. Idea Memo: - Describe the social need that you want to address. Specifically, I want you to identify the specific social need and describe it. In other words, what is the problem, its importance and justify why it is indeed something that needs to be addressed ( what is not working now)-

    Tell me about your recommended idea- it must be.....

    a) Novel
    b) Bold
    c) Original
    d) Executable/Viable

    2. Paper:-

    Section 1: Idea
    Using the content from your idea memo, describe the social need that you want to address in greater detail.

    Section 2: Execution Plan

    How would you go about implementing your idea using content you learned in this course (Strategy Implementation & Transformation)

    Provide an action plan
    Identify Critical Obstacles
    Key Success Factors
    Whose help/buy-in will you need?
    What resources will be critical?
    How will you assess impact?

    Apply course content (insights from the classes, relevant course readings) explicitly wherever possible. Each paper must have the following format(double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, one inch margins.

    The paper will be graded on the following criteria:

    1. Originality of solution- 20%
    2. Application of course content- 30%
    3. Soundness and viability of plan- 40%
    4. Writing, Flow, Grammar, Presentation- 10%

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    Social Security Abolishment for Social Change (See Attachment for Word Format)

    Action Plan:

    In order to change something as deeply rooted in American culture as the social security system, one must understand the complexity of the entire system, its history, and its stated purpose. Upon gathering that abundance of detail, it will be necessary to look for the positives and negatives through an objective viewpoint and categorize the rational for the changes or in this case, the abolishment of the social security system entirely.

    In developing a firm action plan to pursue this social change, a keen focus on the economic detail involved and the lives affected will have to be adequately represented in order to enable the overall plans chances for success (Walker, 2008).

    The plan will be a step by step process that brings in top economists, financial gurus, and other experts in congressional law and lobbyist to help put the proposal together. This team will be instrumental in the first phases of the process. It will be the responsibility of this team to pull together all the historical data and relative financial and political law that will have to be changed in order to see this plan succeed and overturn social security law.

    This team will have to provide solid recommendations based on data that proves an alternative is a better option and then package this entire proposal into a format that can easily be communicated to the people of the country as well as the politicians who will have to vote to pass the abolishment laws and help establish a path forward for implementing a citizen owned retirement plan with no government involvement.

    The plan will pursue the path of demonstrating a solid economic rationale for the abolishment of welfare through a detailed process of steps that ensure the end result is better for all citizens currently in the system and for the betterment of society by relieving them of this burden for generations to come (Huggett,& Parra, 2010).

    Critical Obstacles:

    The abolishment of the social security system will be faced with tremendous obstacles. The most critical obstacle will be the 26% of citizen retirees who are currently using the system as their sole source of income (Saltzman, 2009). The first obstacle to overcome is to offer a firm transitional solution that ensures the people on the system currently have reassurances that their way of life and needs are taken care of.

    The second critical obstacle to social security abolishment is the federal government and it's never ending loopholes and laws that make it near impossible to get anything accomplished. Add to that, social security is one of the largest revenue sources for the federal government by its citizens and the problem becomes quickly compounded when you look at ways to remove this system.

    In order to convince the government to abolish social security there will have to be some powerful persuasion by the people applying maximum pressure on their elected officials to see this measure through. If left to government, they would never remove a system that ...

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